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Welcome to the Australian General Practice Network.

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Supporting the vital work of doctor's clinics and helping to improve access to quality healthcare for underserved communities.

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At the Australian General Practice Network, our mission is clear: to enhance the quality of care provided by General Practice and promote the health and well-being of every Australian. We believe in the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous improvement to transform healthcare outcomes across the nation.

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We are a Health Promotion Charity

A charitable 'institution whose principal activity is to promote the prevention or the control of diseases in human beings'.
Australian Charities & Not-for-Profits Commission

As an Health Promotion Charity, our primary focus lies in promoting the prevention and control of diseases in human beings. We firmly believe that by empowering general practices with efficient operations, we can make a significant impact on Australian disease prevention efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between family medicine and general practice?
General practice and family medicine are both primary care specialties that provide comprehensive healthcare to individuals. General practitioners, or GPs, offer diagnosis and treatment for common illnesses and injuries, emphasizing preventive care and health promotion.

On the other hand, family medicine practitioners specialize in caring for individuals of all ages, from infancy to adulthood, providing ongoing care, chronic disease management, and routine screenings. Family physicians often develop long-term relationships with patients and may provide care to multiple generations within a family. While general practice focuses on comprehensive care for patients of various ages, family medicine emphasizes long-term, continuing care for individuals and families across their lifespan.
What is the role of HR consultancy for general practices?
HR consultancy for general practices provides expert guidance and support in various HR areas, including recruitment, performance management, professional development, compliance, and workforce planning. It helps practices optimize their HR processes and elevate workforce performance.
How can HR consultancy benefit general practices?
HR consultancy can benefit general practices by improving recruitment strategies, enhancing employee engagement and performance, ensuring compliance with employment regulations, and facilitating professional development opportunities. It enables practices to build a skilled and motivated workforce and create a positive work environment.
What is the importance of performance management in general practices?
Performance management plays a crucial role in general practices by providing a framework for setting expectations, assessing employee performance, and fostering continuous improvement. It helps practices identify strengths and areas for development, provide constructive feedback, and ensure optimal workforce performance.
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