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Welcome to the Australian General Practice Network.

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Supporting the vital work of General Practice and helping to improve access to quality healthcare for Australian communities.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of care provided by General Practice, support their efforts in disease prevention and promote the health and well-being of every Australian.

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We are a Health Promotion Charity

A charitable 'institution whose principal activity is to promote the prevention or the control of diseases in human beings'.
Australian Charities & Not-for-Profits Commission

Through innovative education and awareness programs, community initiatives, and evidence-based advocacy, we strive to improve health outcomes for individuals diagnosed with diseases and promote lifestyles that prevent disease. Our collaborative approach involves partnerships with diverse stakeholders, from healthcare providers to government agencies, to maximize our impact. All donations over $2 to AGPN are tax deductible. Join us in our mission to create a healthier Australia for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AGPN and what do you do?
AGPN is a group with nearly 30 years of history dedicated to supporting General Practice. As a health promotion charity our goal is to reduce the burden of disease and promoting the health and well-being of every Australian. We achieve this through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous improvement initiatives aimed at transforming healthcare outcomes nationwide.
What kind of projects or initiatives does AGPN undertake?
AGPN undertakes a wide range of projects and initiatives focused on disease prevention, health promotion, advocacy, and supporting General Practice. Past projects include reducing influenza impacts in nursing homes, advocating for greater GP engagement in breast screening, promoting immunisation and exploring technological solutions for Alzheimer's and young onset dementia care.
How does AGPN collaborate with General Practice and healthcare professionals?
We collaborate with General Practice and healthcare professionals through various means, including providing education and resources, facilitating training sessions, conducting research projects, and advocating for policies that support General Practice in delivering high-quality care.
Why does AGPN focus on General Practice?
AGPN recognizes the pivotal role of General Practice as the first point of contact for most Australians seeking healthcare. With the majority of healthcare encounters occurring in General Practice settings, focusing our efforts here allows us to reach a broad demographic and provide trusted, evidence-based advice and interventions that can positively impact health outcomes at a population level.
How can I contribute to or support AGPN?
You can support our mission in various ways, including making donations, volunteering your time and expertise, participating in fundraising events, or spreading awareness about our initiatives among your networks.
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